Introducing broker: what’s a point?

Inform your clients about the excellent conditions of Exness by offering to register trading accounts using your affiliate link, and get additional income.

Introducing broker can receive more than 30% of the spread on transactions of attracted clients.

Exness Introducing Broker1


Increase your income

As an Introducing Broker that attracts more clients, you can significantly increase your income. You will receive a personal offer on cooperation terms depending on the region of work, trading volumes of attracted clients and your activity.

In addition to increasing affiliate commission, the most active Introducing Brokers have many advantages:

  • opportunity to receive additional payments and compensations;

  • chance to get promo materials, banners, website, etc.

The more clients an Introducing Broker attracts, the higher his income is.

How can you become an Introducing Broker?

To get IB status, it is necessary to develop cooperation with the company. It is essential to have quite a lot of active attracted clients and to aspire to increase their quantity. The Introducing broker can offer new ideas on the improvement of Exness service, to participate in special researches, to explain to traders features of work with the company on various Internet resources and so on.

The Introducing Broker receives the following promotional materials of Exness.


Standard Exness banners, "Quotes", "News" and "Currency converter" informers for your site. Also, on additional request, we can provide our partners with logo, full-screen banners and other corporate identity elements in electronic form.

Advantages of cooperation with Exness:

  • Unique accrual of partner compensation;

  • Exclusive offer for each partner;

  • Instant withdrawal;

  • Accrual of remuneration regardless of the volume of transactions;

  • No restrictions on remuneration;

  • Detailed statistics.

Limitation on the amount of accrued compensation

In case of detection of auto-referral activity, i.e., if the Introducing Broker receives remuneration from trading operations performed on trading accounts managed directly or indirectly by the Introducing Broker himself, the amount of payment of the Introducing Broker may be reduced up to 0% at the company's discretion. This is because when using auto-referral schemes, the Introducing Broker does not perform its main task - attracting clients.

Exness Introducing Broker2


Remuneration is not accrued if its size is less than 0.01 of the currency unit of the trading account of the introducing broker. Also, after closing the position, a negative balance is formed on account of the attracted client.